Why You Should Wear Lingerie in Public

I love keeping secrets. And wearing lingerie in public is the most dirty, little secret possible. One of the many current fashion trends is lingerie inspired clothing. Let's cut out the middle man and wear the real thing. Go to your nearest boutique or Victoria's Secret, purchase yourself a silky babydoll, and wear it under your blazer. That might not make it appropriate enough for work, but hopefully you won't run into your coworkers during the weekend. Wearing lingerie gives you power. No one is going to assume that is what you are wearing. You can walk the streets holding onto a very sexy secret.  With the temperatures rising, it might be a good idea to opt-out your crop top for a more sophisticated look. Also, you get two uses out of one very expensive item (except I bought mine from Marshalls for $14.99). 


This jacket was purchased on sale from H&M for $30 and the pants that are underwater are from Loft.


This post is also my submission to the Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year contest. Wish me luck xoxo