20 Times Rihanna was Unladylike

This post is a guide to help you understand what Miss. Unladylike is all about. First off, it can have a variety of meanings based on the person. But most importantly, it's a rule-free platform for self-expression. It means to break out of trends and stay true to ourselves. To some, that may be wearing florals and skirts. To others, it can be reliving the 90's in bomber jackets. To me, it's all about embracing a predominantly male item: The Blazer.  Some view it as office attire, I view it as my lifeline. A blazer is the simplest way to make yourself look powerful (aka have your shit together). You could literally wear a blazer over pajamas and no one would question you if you ran the office meeting. I believe we use clothing as an outlet to show others how we view ourselves. That is why I constantly choose the blazer as my go-to look. I also feel that this item needs to be taken over by women. I want to break the rules and bring down the patriarchy, one blazer at a time. 


Robyn Fenty (aka Rihanna) is considered a sex and fashion icon, but constantly ditches the dress (the most feminine article of women's clothing). Here is proof that wearing a blazer can be powerfully sexy.